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eSports Legend Heading To Nintendo Switch

eSports Legend Heading To Nintendo Switch

Coconut Island Games is bringing eSports Legend, an eSports club simulation game, to Nintendo Switch.

This was confirmed through the launch schedule on the official Nintendo website in Japan. eSports Legend will launch sometime in 2020.

Trailer and details:

Esports Legend is a Esports club simulator. You are here to make a unknown amateur team world-famous within several seasons!

  • Create Your Team
    Schedule carefully. If you fail to be the top in the league’s standings, the tickets to the World Tournament will just be a dream!
  • Recruit Favourite members
    Hundreds of members with unique personalities and skills are waiting for you to recruit!
  • Dozens of Competitions
    Else than the four major leagues, there are dozens of cups to challenge. Be the winner, win the prize and make your team legendary!
  • Authentic Competition System
    After the members are confirmed, the game will enter the hero ban stage. Two heroes of each team will be banned, then every memeber can select their own hero. Which makes different lineups and effects.
  • Realistic Club Management System
    All the simulation systems are merged with eSports, from promotion to sponsorship, from training to strategy, and from raising reputation to building community.

Now, enough introduction. It’s time to start your own Esports Legend! Hope this game will surprise all of you!