Fake Fire Emblem Heroes Clone App Appears In Mainland China

Fake Fire Emblem Heroes Clone App Appears In Mainland China

Fire Emblem Heroes, one of Nintendo’s most profitable smartphone games, has become a victim of a cloning scam in mainland China.

According to Chinese Nintendo, a Chinese company notorious for creating fake Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh games has released an “official Simplified Chinese” version of Fire Emblem Heroes on Android and iOS. The clone has the exact gameplay and artwork as the real game, except it is in Simplified Chinese.

The website promoting the fake app looks similar to the official Fire Emblem Heroes website:

Screenshots from the app show that the clone has an ISBN number, meaning that the mainland Chinese government actually approved the fake app for distribution:

It’s even selling orbs for cash:

After news of the clone app spread on social media, hackers hacked into the clone app to modify the daily login bonus to 200,000 orbs, and shortly after it went offline. Multiple users have also filed reports to Nintendo about the fake app. The company is now aware and advises users to check the official Fire Emblem Heroes website for the list of countries that the game is playable in. Hopefully Nintendo will find a way to take down the fake app soon.

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