Famitsu Feature Discusses Even More Details On Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Famitsu Feature Discusses Even More Details On Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The latest Fire Emblem: Three Houses feature from Weekly Famitsu has been translated online, revealing another substantial amount of new info.

This time, the feature goes into more detail about Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ Giant Monster battles, facilities at the Garreg Mach Monastery and more. With the game only about two weeks away from release, this may be the last big feature Famitsu publishes on the title.

Check out the highlights below, and Famitsu’s article here for more screenshots:

Giant Monsters

– Various types of giant monsters sometimes appear in battle, and you have to defeat them
– Monsters include a dark beast, wolf-life beast, flying beast, and more
– Each giant monster has a weakness
– Giant monsters are protected by a barrier
– The more yellow squares at their feet, the stronger the defense
– Destroying that barrier is key
– Each monster has stock, and even if you get their HP to 0, you will not be able to defeat them if they have any stock left
– Use weapons, skill, and stratagems to take them down
– Once you get rid of a monster’s barrier, they can go into a confused state, and even stop their ability to counterattack
– If you manage to completely break their barrier, they will enter an armor break state
– This state will prevent them from moving for a while, and will net you some valuable items
– Monsters will sometimes build up their power before unleashing an extremely powerful attack
– If you haven’t completely broken their barrier by the time they unleash that attack, it will regenerate

Training Grounds

– Monthly weapon competitions are held here
– Students can participate as part of self-study, which uses up one activity unit
– There will be some nice prizes to win as well
– Each tournament is centered around a specific weapon, and only skills matter
– You cannot give orders or anything, as battles are done automatically, and you can only watch as spectator
– You only get two chances to heal in-between battles

Garreg Mach Monastery facilities

– Audience Chamber: that’s where you get to meet Archbishop Reah. There’s also an office as an annex.

– Knights Quarters: a place for the Knights of Seiros, that students can also enter. You can get some training directly from the Knights.

– Stable: that’s where horses live. There’s nothing special about this facility, but some of the students like to take care of the horses, and so you will sometimes meet them there.

– Archives: a giant library located in the Monastery. Lots of valuable books can be found there, covering not just the History of the Fodlan continent, but also of the Church of Seiros. You can find various students working hard on their studies there.

– Dormitory: each student has their own room. You can actually enter them, and check out books about their hobbies (which nets you teaching experience).

– Your room: the main room on the ground floor of the student dormitory. There’s a bulletin board where you can put up quests while taking a stroll. And it looks like sometimes, you can hear a mysterious girl’s voice…

amiibo and Online Features

– You can tap amiibo figures at special spots called amiibo Gazebos
– These will appear randomly in the Monastery while taking a stroll
– Tapping an amiibo from the Fire Emblem series net you rare items, as well as iconic music from their respective game
– Lost Souls are spots on the battlefield where others players died in battle
– If you manage to survive on those spots, you will get various items as rewards
– Exchange students will let you buy items from them at a slightly lower price than regular stores
– You can also play mini games with them


– 6 advanced classes (units who have reached Level 20 and have passed an advanced certification exam can use)

  • Assassin: they excel in both skill and speed. They can use skills that make it difficult for enemies to target them.
    Class Skill: Swordmaster. When equipped with a sword, grants Attack +5
    Class Skill: Open Key. Allows you to open treasure chests, locked doors, etc. without using a key
    Class Skill: Sneaking Around. Makes it hard for enemies to target you
  • Dark Bishop: a male-only class for units that have mastered dark magic. Dark Mages who pass the Dark Bishop exam can use this class.
    Class Skill: Dora Δ. Allows you to use Dora Δ. If already learned, doubles the amount of times you can use it;
    Class Skill: Attack of the Devil. Grants Magic +6;
    Class Skill: Curse. In battle, any enemy in adjacent spaces gets Avoid-20.
  • Swordmaster: they have mastered the sword, and have lots of speed.
    Class Skill: Swordmaster. When equipped with a sword, grants Attack +5
    Class Skill: Sword Critical +10. When equipped with a sword, grants Critical+10
  • Dragon Knight: as flying unit, they can move on pretty much any type of terrain. Weak against magic and bow.
    Class Skill: Repositioning. If unit has “movement power” left after taking an action, then unit can use it to keep moving after taking it
    Class Skill: Axmaster. When equipped with an axe, grants Attack +5
  • Warrior: basically, the axe equivalent of the Swordmaster.
    Class Skill: Axmaster. When equipped with an axe, grants Attack +5
    Class Skill: Axe Critical +10. When equipped with an axe, grants Critical+10
  • Sniper: they have mastered the bow. They can hit enemies even further away than other classes.
    Class Skill: Bowmaster. When equipped with a bow, grants Attack +5
    Class Skill: Bow Range +1.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is scheduled to release on July 26th for Nintendo Switch.

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