Feature: NintendoSoup’s bingo card for E3 2017

Feature: NintendoSoup’s bingo card for E3 2017

The most anticipated time of the year for gamers is just around the corner, and the usual speculation and gossip have intensified in the past few weeks.

To get into the E3 mood, we have created our very own bingo card for this year’s Nintendo E3 presentation. I believe it has a good mix of both slightly risky and conservative guesses. After the week of the presentation, we will revisit this bingo card to see how many things we got right and wrong.

Guess 1: Super Mario Odyssey amiibo

While we have no clue of the upcoming lineup of amiibo between August to December this year, we believe it makes sense for Nintendo to release a new lineup of amiibo compatible with one of their biggest and most anticipated titles of the year – Super Mario Odyssey. It could be 5 different Marios in 5 different costumes… or those nasty rabbits.

Guess 2: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Summer DLC

We had a first glimpse at the summer DLC for Breath of the Wild back in April. E3 would be the perfect time for a trailer of the DLC to get out and convince those who are hesitant on purchasing the season pass.

Guess 3: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer

We haven’t heard much of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yet, and it’s still (hopefully) launching on Nintendo Switch this year. The presentation will be a good time to start pitching it to gamers.

Guess 4: Super Smash Bros. Switch Port in 2018

There have been many murmurings of a Smash Bros. port for Nintendo Switch being worked on even before the system was officially unveiled. We won’t be surprised if there’s a port of the Wii U version heading our way, but the catch is it comes next year due to the packed launch schedule.

Guess 5: 15 minutes of Mario vs Rabbids

Ah, the game which has been leaked to death that we’ll all have to act surprised it actually is a thing. The segment lasts for 15 minutes of the presentation’s duration, with one third of the time occupied by Ubisoft executives praising Nintendo for this great opportunity. Hahaha.

Guess 6: Fire Emblem Switch teaser

5 seconds of the new Fire Emblem Switch protagonist. 50 minutes of GameXplain analysis.

Guess 7: New Kirby 3DS game trailer

As announced in the previous Nintendo Direct, a new Kirby 3DS game will be hitting both retail and eShop in the later part of 2017. We’ll most likely get a first look at this game during the presentation.

Guess 8: The hat in Super Mario Odyssey

Back in January, when Koizumi was asked about Mario’s hat in Super Mario Odyssey, he said we’ll have to wait for details later this year. A good time to unveil its secrets since Super Mario Odyssey is the star of the show.

Guess 9: Pokemon game for Switch (UPDATE: Pokken Tournament DX confirmed on June 6)

We’re including this guess for the rumored Pokemon “Stars” game.

Guess 10: Monster Hunter XX localization

Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch Ver. was recently announced in Japan for an August release. The original game on Nintendo 3DS launched in mid March 2017. If work of localization started around the same time they usually do for previous Monster Hunter 3DS games, we could probably see Monster Hunter XX in the west this year. Hope for the best, hunters!

Guess 11: Mario vs Rabbids amiibo

Nintendo World Report reported that Ubisoft were making prototype figures for Mario vs Rabbids. Who knows, this could very well turn out to be amiibo..

Guess 12: Pikmin 4 teased for 2018

Shigeru Miyamoto talked about Pikmin 4’s development during multiple interviews last year. Perhaps we’ll have a first glimpse at Pikmin 4 this E3.

Guess 13: Obligatory Mother 3

The localization of Mother 3 has been a roller coaster ride for gamers. No one knows what Nintendo exactly plans to do with it, and multiple leakers have claimed in the past the game would launch on Wii U VC or Switch VC in specific periods of time but they all ended up getting it wrong. This year might be the year if we are lucky enough!

Guess 14: New Pokemon game for 3DS (UPDATE: Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon confirmed for 3DS on June 6)

Instead of a new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch, we could see it happening on Nintendo 3DS instead. If it does materialize, this would be similar to what happened in 2011 when Pokemon Black 2/White 2 were released for Nintendo DS, which is the same year Nintendo 3DS made its debut.

Guess 15: Splatoon 2 Pro Controller (UPDATE: Confirmed for launch on July 21 in North America)

While the European and Japanese territories have received an official price and release date for the pretty Ink-looking Splatoon 2 Pro Controller, it’s been radio silence for those waiting in the Americas. Perhaps Nintendo of America may be saving it to pad their E3 show.

Guess 16: YO-KAI WATCH 3 localization

Given the trend of every YO-KAI WATCH game receiving the localization treatment so far, it’s a matter of time YO-KAI WATCH 3 hits the west. While we highly doubt it will be announced this E3 due to YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters releasing this year, it could very well be a surprise announcement…

Guess 17: Major 3rd party exclusive

If Nintendo needs something to further prop up the Switch at E3, it’s gonna to be a major 3rd party exclusive. We could see a title or two coming from Platinum Games, Ubisoft, Level-5, or Capcom.

Guess 18: Fire Emblem Warriors launch date

Fire Emblem Warriors is currently scheduled for launch this Fall. Since development is around 70% complete, we should get a concrete release date by E3.

Guess 19: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC

If we aren’t getting a brand new Mario Kart for Switch, Nintendo could very well be making new DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with new tracks and characters. Unlikely to happen but we will see!

Guess 20: More games for Nintendo 3DS

Ever since the beginning of the year, Nintendo has reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Nintendo 3DS. We could see a few more 1st party titles releasing between the second half of 2017 to early 2018.

Guess 21: Cloud Saves for Nintendo Switch

Cloud Saves is a feature that pretty much everyone wants on Switch as soon as possible, because save data for retail and digital games are all locked down to system memory with no way to back up. Although Nintendo briefly mentioned that Cloud Saves was in the works during one of their Investor Relations (IR) meetings, we haven’t heard anything about it ever since. It wasn’t on the list of features for Nintendo Switch Online either, so we hope it would be announced during E3.

Guess 22: Obligatory Metroid Nintendo Switch game

Fans of the Metroid series have been dying for a real game for years (Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn’t one). All we ask for is a teaser.. even if it’s coming in 2019…

Guess 23: Virtual Console for Nintendo Switch

Not much has been said by Nintendo regarding the Virtual Console service for Nintendo Switch. We aren’t sure whether they are saving it for E3, but let’s wait and shall see.

Guess 24: Video Recording for Switch

This feature was promised earlier this year, would be nice to hear about it at E3!

That’s all for this year’s E3 2017 Bingo Card! I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

The NintendoSoup kitchen will be dishing out heavy E3 coverage beginning next week, so it’s time to catch some sleep.

Until then, happy gaming!