Final Fantasy XV Costume Pack Out In Minecraft Switch And Wii U

Final Fantasy XV Costume Pack Out In Minecraft Switch And Wii U

Can’t play Final Fantasy XV on Switch? Don’t fret – you can now dress up as Final Fantasy XV’s heroes in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch and Wii U!

The Final Fantasy XV skin pack is now available for purchase in both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U versions of Minecraft, offering 43 characters from the game. Check out more details and images from the skin pack below.

With winter finally (hopefully?) behind us, we can all start preparing for a glorious summer ahead! How about road trips along open highways, hiking, or outdoor camping next to a cozy campfire with mandatory sing-a-long sessions of Kumbaya? Perhaps you’re more of a gourmand, craving that big yummy barbeque, while your best friend spams selfies in the background? Sounds familiar? Let’s make it crystal clear.

Today we’re launching the Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack, containing The Kingdom of Lucis’ number one boyband and favourite quartet – Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus! Along with them comes some of the most awesome characters Eos has to offer; heroes, villains, monsters, and cuddly creatures from all the four kingdoms. Prep the grill, pack the tent and make sure you have your seatbelts on!

The skin pack offers 43 characters and everything you need in order to make your vacation in the Overworld as Final Fantasy-esque as possible. Assume the role of Lucis’ own crown prince and battle the Starscourge to make Creepers and Endermen stop spawning near your base. If photography is more of your thing, become Prompto and spam that screenshot button to record your memories, or make a tasty mushroom stew in the form of posh Master Chef Ignis. The possibilities are endless! Just remember to put up plenty of torches around your camp!

Though perhaps camping isn’t your thing? Maybe you prefer the world domination routine or simply want unlimited power? Then we’ve got you covered with the best baddies Niffleheim and Tenebrae can muster! Be a purple-haired trickster like Ardyn, the ruthless emperor Iedolas, mad researcher Verstael – the list goes on! Or perhaps you want something with a little more power? Become a daemon, or try an Astral form such as Ramuh, Ifrit or Shiva.

There’s plenty to pick from! The Hammerhead crew is ready to assist with the help of Cid and Cindy. Or even a classic creature from the Final Fantasy universe like a moogle, cactuar or a chocobo!