Splatoon 2’s Graphics And Artwork Were Inspired By Mexico

Splatoon 2’s Graphics And Artwork Were Inspired By Mexico

The producer of Splatoon 2, Hisashi Nogami, has revealed that the art, colors, and visual aspects of the game were inspired by Mexican culture.

Nogami told Mexican outlet Atomix that Splatoon art director Seita Inoue resided in Mexico during a huge part of his childhood.

This in some ways inspired Inoue to make Splatoon a very colorful game. Nogami also pointed out the importance of Latin America for the franchise.

Check out Nogami’s full comments below.

Having Splatoon fans around the world is something we are very grateful for, especially in Mexico and Latin America. Something that is very interesting that they know is that the art director of Splatoon, Seita Inoue, grew up in Mexico and although he does not remember much, I think it’s fair to say that the experiences he had in Mexico ended up influencing Splatoon. I would love that knowing this, Latino fans who have not played Splatoon can explore and notice some of these influences.