Fire Emblem Hacker Invites The Death Knight To Tea Time

Fire Emblem Hacker Invites The Death Knight To Tea Time

Looks like something’s getting spilled. And it’s not tea.

Fire Emblem Three Houses introduced a new feature that allows you to bond with other characters in the game over a cup of tea. It’s a potent form of building supports with your units to increase their effectiveness in battle.

But it looks like one player wanted to bond with a foe, maybe to clear the air.

DeathChaos showed a video of his latest antic showing him taking none other than the Death Knight to Tea time. DeathChaos didn’t disclose his methods for making this possible but you do see that there aren’t fully-written dialogue responses available, even though the conversation choices are still intact.

The Death Knight is interested in equipment upkeep, evaluating allies, and gratitude. Just don’t nod since he doesn’t seem to like that.

You can even ‘observe’ the Death Knight after getting a perfect tea time, but the camera has limited angles for the enormous character.

Check out the video below to see who else could make it to tea time thanks to hacking.