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Premonition Origins Collector's Edition For Switch | NintendoSoup
First Look At Deadly Premonition Origins Collector’s Edition For Switch

First Look At Deadly Premonition Origins Collector’s Edition For Switch

Earlier this week, Aksys Games announced that they will be launching a Collector’s Edition for Deadly Premonition Origins on the Nintendo Switch.

Today, we finally have our first look at what this Collector’s Edition will look like and what it will include. As seen in the image above, the Deadly Premonition Origins Collector’s Edition for Switch will come with a physical version of the game in special collectible case, as well as six metal pin badges themed after the game.

So far, the Collector’s Edition has only been confirmed for release in Europe and the US. In the case of the UK, it will only be available at GAME. Unfortunately, an exact release date has not been shared at this time, although it is planned to be come out sometime in November alongside the regular retail release.

The digital version of Deadly Premonition Origins is now available for download via the Switch eshop.

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