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First Look At Pokemon Sword/Shield’s Title Screen

First Look At Pokemon Sword/Shield’s Title Screen

Earlier today, Nintendo Live 2019 finally kicked off in Japan – with Nintendo hosting performances, demos, and more. And thanks to the presence of Pokemon Sword/Shield at the event, it seems like we’re finally getting another interesting glimpse of the games!

Some folks visiting the event have been able to capture a first-look of Pokemon Sword/Shield’s title screen, as seen above. Behind the main logo, we can make out what appears to an various shots of a Pokemon Championship stadium – where trainers battle gym leaders in the Galar region.

Check out both in clearer resolution below, courtesy of GAME Watch.

Of course, it’s hard to tell whether there’s more to these title screens at the moment, as we only have static photos. we’ll report back if other visitors manage to capture any video footage of these title screens later on.

(Thanks for the tip, Brandon!)