Have A First Look At Medabots Classics’ Boxart

Have A First Look At Medabots Classics’ Boxart

Medabots Classics, a compilation of the first 5 Medabots games, is heading to Nintendo 3DS on December 21.

Imagineer has released the packshots for both the Kabuto and Kuawagata versions, which you can check out below.

Besides the packshots, here’s a few more details about the game.

Development of Medabots Classics is currently 78% complete, and the title will feature local multiplayer support where players can battle and trade parts with each other.

By clearing the main stories, players get to play the game from the beginning with all parts acquired, and use phantom parts which aren’t obtainable by normal means. A “Meda-album” feature will also be included in the game, showing pictures and capabilities of the Medabots collected in the main stories.

Players will also be able to save and load at any point of time, and a new feature called “Force Robattle Skip” will allow skipping battles with minor or tough enemies.