Have A First Look At Pokemon Center’s Pikachu’s Closet Plush And Costumes

Have A First Look At Pokemon Center’s Pikachu’s Closet Plush And Costumes

For many years, the Pokemon Center has been coming up with creative ideas to make us open our wallets and scream “take my PokeDollars!” Pikachu’s Closet is a brand new idea that attempts to pull it off, with a high quality Pikachu plush that is able to dress up in different costumes.

The Pikachu’s Closet plushie and costume sets are now available on Amazon Japan, which are eligible for international shipping. In this article we’ve listed a couple of links so it’s easier for you in case you wanna make an order. Learn how to order from Amazon Japan with our comprehensive guide here.

Here’s a look at the naked Pikachu plush. Looks really furry huh? They probably taken a leaf out of Build-the-Bear Workshop.

A closeup of how furry this Pikachu really is. In case you’re wondering, it’s 36cm tall, so the price is pretty much justified.

Grab the naked Pikachu’s Closet Pikachu plush here.

What about the clothes, you may ask? The Pokemon Center has made two sets of costumes – Pyjamas and Autumn Set, which are available separately. We expect more to come in the future.

Here’s how Pikachu looks like wearing the pyjamas!

There’s really a lot of detail poured into making this set of pyjamas – from the shoes to the pillows.

Grab the Pikachu’s Closet Pyjamas Set here.

The second set of clothes available for Pikachu to wear at the moment is the Autumn Set, which honestly looks like Pikachu going on a vacation to some European country!

It ain’t only the clothes – Pikachu is carrying a backpack and camera around its neck.

Great for photo ops like these, too!

Grab the Pikachu’s Closet Autumn Set here.

So, will you be getting the Pikachu’s Closet plushies and costumes? Let us know in the comments below!

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