Cuddle Pokemon Center’s Napping Eevee And Its Evolutions To Sleep

Cuddle Pokemon Center’s Napping Eevee And Its Evolutions To Sleep

Ask a casual Pokemon fan which Pokemon they like the most, and they’ll either come out with Pikachu, Eevee, or one of Eevee’s evolutionary brothers. That is why the Pokemon Center has brought back the Eevee Collection merchandise lineup, which features large Sleeping Eevee and its evolution plushies!

The Eevee Collection merchandise are now available on Amazon Japan, which are eligible for international shipping. In this article we’ve listed a couple of links so it’s easier for you in case you wanna make an order. Learn how to order from Amazon Japan with our comprehensive guide here.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to the Sleeping Eevee Plushies!

Here’s the Sleeping Eevee Plush, which is 47cm long! Big enough to substitute your pillow or bolster.

Grab Sleeping Eevee Plush here.

Next up we have Eevee’s Water-Type evolution, Vaporeon.

Grab Sleeping Vaporeon Plush here.

Who could forget Jolteon, the Electric type Eevee evolution?

Grab Sleeping Jolteon Plush here.

Followed by Fire-type Flareon.

Grab Sleeping Flareon Plush here.

And now onto fan favorite Psychic type Espeon!

Grab Sleeping Espeon Plush here.

Umbreon, the Dark Type Eevee evolution, is another popular Pokemon.

Grab Sleeping Umbreon Plush here.

Look at how Grass type Leafeon is sleeping!

Grab Sleeping Leafeon Plush here.

Following Leafeon, we have Glaceon, the Ice type Pokemon.

Grab Sleeping Glaceon Plush here.

Last but not least is Fairy type Sylveon, the latest member to the Eevee gang!

Grab Sleeping Sylveon Plush here.

Besides plushies, there are plenty of other products for Eevee fans to enjoy.

The Pokemon Company has teamed up with hand towel specialist Kamawanu to make a special hand towel featuring Eevee and its evolutionary brothers.

Grab Kamawanu Hand Towel here.

If you’re into Japanese or any other Asian cuisine, you may have used legume/soy sauce plates before. As part of Eevee Collection, there’s a bunch of Legume Plates designed after Eevee and its companions.

Legume Plates: Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon / Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon / Sylveon

Looking for stationery? Here’s Campus brand notebooks featuring Eevee and its brothers. 5 notebooks are sold in a set.

Campus Notebook Collection A (Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Sylveon) / Campus Notebook Collection B (Sleeping Eevee, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon)

Mini Campus notebooks are also available in sets of 3. Available at Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan.

Ball pens too! Only available at Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan.

To end off, the Pokemon Center gives the Eevee Collection the A4 file treatment. Available at Pokemon Centers and Stores only.

Which product will you be purchasing from the Eevee Collection? Let us know in the comments!

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