First Look At The Second Wave Of Pokemon nanobeads

First Look At The Second Wave Of Pokemon nanobeads

Kawada, the makers of nanoblock, are bringing a new lineup of Pokemon nanobeads to Japan later next month.

Unlike nanoblocks which are small interlockable LEGO-like bricks placed on top of each other to form a structure, nanobeads are tiny cylinder shaped beads that have to be carefully placed on a plastic plate to create a flat, sprite-like design.

Let’s take a look at how putting together a nanobeads design works.

Each package comes with two Pokemon designs. Ditto and Gengar are included with the nanobeads 116 pack.

One will have to use a pair of tweezers to slowly and carefully put the beads together onto the plate.

Once that is done, iron above the nanobeads (with an iron paper in between) to meld them together.

The end result is a beautiful sprite-like design that can be placed on a flat surface, such as a fridge or even your smartphone.

The second wave of Pokemon nanobeads are launching in mid October 2017. You can pre-order them from Amazon Japan below (ships internationally).

Pokemon nanobeads: 113 (Eevee and Jigglypuff) / 114 (Dratini and Lapras) / 115 (Caterpie and Psyduck) / 116 (Ditto and Gengar)

Here’s the first wave of nanobeads that are available right now too.

Pokemon nanobeads: 101 (Pikachu and Poke Ball) / 102 (Charmander / Fennekin) / 103 (Bulbasaur / Chespin) / 104 (Squirtle / Froakie)

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