Free 2 Play MMORPG Onigiri Launches Worldwide On January 31st Via eShop

Free 2 Play MMORPG Onigiri Launches Worldwide On January 31st Via eShop

A new free-to-play MMORPG will now be coming soon on Nintendo Switch!

Developer Cyberstep announced today that Onigiri will be launching via Switch eshop on 31st January 2019. This Japanese-style action RPG allows players to slay youkais while wielding various weapons. In addition, the game features notable historical and mythological figures such as Miyamoto Musashi (voiced by Imamura Ayaka) and Oda Nobunaga (voiced by Uesaka Sumire).

Here’s the announcement and details:

What is Onigiri?

A popular Japanese style action MMORPG that has been played by over 2.8 million people all over the world! Embark on an adventure throughout Japan as you slay the youkai with a myriad of weapons. Play alongside famous figures from history and myth like Miyamoto Musashi (voiced by Imamura Ayaka), Oda Nobunaga (voiced by Uesaka Sumire), and many more!

Cross-platform play with friends across the world!

You will be able to play with people across the world as both the Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms are on the same server! Team up with all your friends and take down the youkai!

Release Present!

In celebration of the release we are sending out presents that will help you out on your journey! The present will remain in your present box until April 16, 2019! Don’t forget to pick it up!

  • Onigiri Coin x100
  • SP Gacha Ticket x5
  • Gacha Ticket x10
  • Soul Egg x10
  • EXP Boost (+200% during 60 minutes) x3
  • Spirit Boost (+200% during 60 minutes) x3
  • Drop Boost (+200% during 60 minutes) x3
  • Platinum Premium (1 week-long Boost Ticket) x1