Free Online And Local Multiplayer Update Coming To Tiny Metal In The Future

Free Online And Local Multiplayer Update Coming To Tiny Metal In The Future

Area35 has released new details on TINY METAL to commemorate the launch of pre-orders on Steam.

According to the developer, TINY METAL will receive updates after launch, including a major DLC update that will add both online and local 1-on-1 multiplayer. All of these updates will be free to download at no extra cost.

For more details, check out TINY METAL’s list of planned features below, and Yoko Taro’s message here.

• Campaign mode: Guide Lt. Nathan Gries and his Artemisian forces as he struggles with the question of what is — and what isn’t — worth fighting for in a 20-hour campaign full of unique characters.
• Skirmish matches: Dozens of additional challenging scenarios & maps where you jump straight into the action!
• New Game +: Once you navigate through TINY METAL’s campaign, it’s time to ratchet up the difficulty in New Game + mode!
• 15 units: From basic Riflemen to the fearsome tanks called Metals, a deep collection of units have their own unique strengths and weakness, and rank up with experience on the battlefield!
• Hero Units: More powerful versions of the 15 units that can join the battle and rank up, AND carry over from mission to mission!
• Terrain: Different types of terrain and buildings offer defensive advantages and bonuses, and can also unlock new units!
• Advanced techniques: New options like “Facing”, “Assault”, and “Lock On” make positioning and flanking more important than they’ve ever been in the turn-based warfare genre!
• Multiple languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German!
• Future free updates, including MULTIPLAYER: Online & local 1v1 multiplayer support is planned for TINY METAL’s first major DLC update!

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