Fuga: Melodies Of Steel Physical Release Planned For All Regions, Says CyberConnect2

Fuga: Melodies Of Steel Physical Release Planned For All Regions, Says CyberConnect2

Earlier this year, we got a peek at the next entry of CyberConnect2’s Little Tail Bronx series – titled Fuga: Melodies of Steel. Many long-time CC2 fans have been clamoring for the game to go physical, and it looks like its developers have heard them loud and clear.

In a new video blog from CC2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama, he addresses the question of the game’s release worldwide. In particular, Matsuyama-san confirmed that physical versions were in the works for “all regions” as we speak. Originally, the game was to be digital-only, but CC2 re-considered this in the face of overwhelming fan feedback.

Here’s a translation of Matsuyama-san’s response below, courtesy of Gematsu:

Fuga‘s release was originally planned for digital release only…However, many of our fans have expressed their desire for a physical copy, and several console makers offered us to take care of the overseas physical release. That’s why we’re planning to release hard copies as well. Fuga will be available physically AND digitally. This will be the case for all countries and regions, and we’re currently discussing with potential partners to find the best match. We will, of course, make an announcement once it’s decided, so stay tuned!”

For those out of the loop, the Little Tail Bronx series also includes Tail Concerto (PS1) and Solatorobo: Red The Hunter (DS). Both games take place in a world of anthropomorphic cats and dogs utilizing mecha, and Fuga will be revisiting that world – albeit in the midst of a world war.

For now, Fuga: Melodies of Steel has a vague release window of Early 2020. We’ll report back when we hear more.