Game Freak And WonderPlanet Announce Pand Land For Mobile

Game Freak And WonderPlanet Announce Pand Land For Mobile

Game Freak, the creators of Pokemon, have announced a new game for mobile devices.

The game is called Pand Land, and is being developed by WonderPlanet under supervision from Game Freak, who owns the IP. It is a free-to-play adventure game where players explore islands in search of legendary treasure, amassing a team of companions along the way.  Interestingly, the game has a cube-y graphical style similar to Pokemon Quest. It is planned to release one June 24th 2024 for Japan for iOS and Android.

Check out the trailer below, along with some additional details:


A new casual mobile game from Game Freak and WonderPlanet.

A casual sailing adventure RPG set in an unexplored world called “PAND LAND,” where you become the captain of an expedition team and set out on a journey in search of legendary treasure.

By exploring the vast world, players will be able to discover previously unseen treasure. Obtained treasure maps can be shared with friends as you explore the game’s exciting world.

Key Features

  • A Relaxing Adventure in a Vast World – PAND LAND is set in a mysterious world full of unexplored lands. Players can freely survey locations of interest. Discover what lies within this cloud-covered world with your own hands, and travel freely around the world in search of new discoveries and encounters.
  • Search, Collect, and Form a Team – Clear dungeons to get new allies and treasures. Gather allies and treasures to form a team and show them off. With over 400 unique allies and valuable treasures, you can set off on an adventure with a team all your own.
  • World Discovery is Better With Friends – Invite your close friends and family to go on a fun and exciting adventure in the world of PAND LAND. Befriend explorers you encounter to learn about where to find treasures. Work together with your friends and family, and enjoy an exciting adventure.

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