Game Review: Mutant Mudds Collection (Switch)

Game Review: Mutant Mudds Collection (Switch)

Mutant Mudds Collection is a 12 bit retro-style platformer developed by Renegade Kid. Originally released on Nintendo 3DS in  2012, the Collection is the definitive version of the game. The Nintendo Switch version includes the original game, plus Mutant Mudds super challenge and the Tetris-esque Mudd Blocks! The game stars a young boy named Max armed with just a water gun. He travels through different levels and fights off alien mudd monsters. This game is clearly inspired by the early 90’s platformers of yesterday! How did it fare? Let’s dive in the MUDD!


This game is a classic 2-D side-scroller. You jump between different levels to reach the end. There are hidden rooms in the level as well. Each level is littered with collectibles we’ve come to know and love. Max is equipped with a water gun. Depending on the enemy, it can take multiple shots to destroy the mudd. Some of the aliens are tiny, some fly and some are quite large, so you must adjust your attack accordingly. You can toggle back and forth between depths of the game, which adds an interesting layer to the classic platform style. The level is complete once you obtain the large collectible piece. You are granted three heart pieces and once they run out, it’s a game over. This game can prove to be difficult at first, but it really makes you want to keep trying. The levels are short, so starting over isn’t quite bothersome. Watch out for spikes!


Mutant Mudds sports a 12-bit retro-style look. The game is made as a moment between the 8-bit and 16-bit era. The world is quite simple, but full of color. Max reminds me of a character from Earthbound, which I really like. This game is definitely a love letter to those classic games that came before it. It’s not a terribly beautiful game, but it isn’t unattractive.


The story of the game is quite limited. Max is a boy who destroying these mudd aliens after they attack. The real joy comes from the challenging levels. Most of them will take you a few tries, and it’s all about timing. The music is really fun as well. It definitely reminds you of the golden age of gaming! It just strikes a happy nostalgia chord. The are secret rooms in each level , so if you don’t get them on the first try it adds to the replayability. Also, Mutant Mudds Collection is three games in one. The price point is only $14.99 and I think it’s well worth it. The controls are also very simple to play. This game can be picked up by anyone!

The Good

  • Replayability
  • Attractive Price
  • Good Music

The Bad

  • Short levels
  • Repetitive

Soup Verdict: This soup tastes like the good old days and you’re bound to want more!