Game Review: Surgeon Simulator CPR (Switch)

Game Review: Surgeon Simulator CPR (Switch)

You like hospitals, surgeries and to be a doctor? – Don’t look any further!

“Bossa Studios” tried to create a funny surgery simulator game in which you rescue one patient after one other. Is it a simulation? Is it fun? Now the shock: No, both doesn’t work. It’s more a parody of a simulation. When you have to use a drill during a surgery and it falls “into” the opened abdominal wall, you only see that they wanted to create a fun game and no real simulation. But… is it fun?

Um, wait… You can play it together. Everyone uses one Joy-Con and then you try to save the patient for losing his life. You saw, forge and revive the persons lying on the operating table. You have to do lots of things, have to work together –everyone uses one hand of the doctor– and it’s not too serious. No, it isn’t. But…

… is it fun? If you like the worst controls ever seen on this console – yes. It’s absolutely horrible only to pick up a hammer or a drill. Don’t even think of handling them… The motion controls don’t work. Shouldn’t they work? Should this be the fun factor? Not to control a game?

I don’t get it what “Bossa Studios” thought when they created this game. Yes, the idea is great. It could be fun. But you cannot control this software. Absolutely not. Even if you try it will never work well.

I loved the motion controls in Star Fox Zero, in Splatoon or in Wii Sports Resort, you can handle them if you try, you can master them and you can control the games perfect if you give it a time. But here – it will never work.

And… the game looks and sounds like it would be from N64 or early GameCube. Absolutely no love in creating that game. Sounds harsh? I think it’s harsh to want money for this. A game you cannot control even if you work on it. And this should be fun?

Give it a try if you don’t care if you can control your game. It controls you, yes. If you like hospitals and dying persons on a operation table, you can think of it. If you wanna have fun with a game and master it, get one of the other games in Nintendo’s eShop.

The Good

+ it should be fun
+ the idea
+ 2 players are welcome!

The Bad

– controls!
– controls!
– controls!
– graphics
– sound

Soup Verdict: After eating this soup you need a surgery – someone has to revive you.


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