Game Review: Sonic Mania Plus (Switch)

Game Review: Sonic Mania Plus (Switch)

In July SEGA gave us the ultimate 2D Sonic game called “Sonic Mania Plus“. It is an enhanced version of “Sonic Mania”, a game which the critical press really hyped. Now you can buy “Sonic Mania Plus” at retail too!

“Sonic Mania Plus” is a side-scrolling platformer action game in the tradition of the Mega Drive, Game Gear, Master System and Nintendo handheld classics. And it’s easily the best 2D Sonic game to date.

Why? The gameplay is old school, but it feels fresh. Perfect. Polished. You run through the best 2D Sonic levels – even the underwater stages are great fun. I am a fan of the 3D Sonic games – but “Sonic Mania Plus” is fascinating for me too.

When you start your game you can choose between “Mania Mode”, “Encore Mode” (new in “Plus”), “Time Attack” und “Competition”, a 4-player-battle-mode.

The “Mania Mode” is the main game. You start in the classical “Green Hill Zone” and –yes!– you feel “at home” from the first minute of the game on. You have to go through 13 zones and you can experience a great variety. The “Studiopolis Zone” is a homage to SEGA’s studio in Los Angeles, “Hydrocity Zone” is a remix of an underwater stage in “Sonic III” or the “Metallic Madness Zone” was first seen in the forgotten “Sonic CD”. The levels in “Sonic Mania Plus” show that SEGA has still a great creative power – every level is completely different to the other one before. Well done!

Aaaaaand… it’s fast! Really fast! Sonic fans will love it – there are a numerous speed up areas where you can feel the freedom of Sonic’s run ability. And the game is not to easy, the challenge is still high enough.

“Mighty”, the armadillo, and “Ray”, the flying squirrel, are new characters in the “Plus” version. They play similar to Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. “Mighty” has the hammer drop, while “Ray” can glide through the air. But what is new too?

The bosses are optimized and the “Encore Mode” was added. In this mode there are new areas and different object placements. So you can play the whole game in a new “Master Quest”. 😉 “Time Attack” is a gift for speed runners and the “Competition” mode makes it interesting for a party up to four players. Call your friends and have a great Sonic party!

The game looks and sounds like an old Sonic game. But now in finest HD… The game looks really great! It’s really the ultimate version of a 2D Sonic. Should you buy it if you like Sonic? Yes! Should you buy it if you like only 3D Sonic? Give it a try. I liked it too…

The Good

+ great level design
+ sounds and looks fresh and old school
+ good controls

The Bad

– if you don’t like the speedy hedgehog, you will not be convinced now too

Soup Verdict: An old soup was reheated – and it tastes better than before! Take your spoons and sit down at the table, your cook has done a great job.


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