Game Review: The Company Man (Nintendo Switch)

Game Review: The Company Man (Nintendo Switch)

Note: This review was contributed by Jonathan.

The Company Man is an action adventure game developed by Forust. The premise of this game is playing as a lowly employee working his way up the corporate ladder to overthrow his boss.

We start out as a new employee who is very quickly demoted to the customer service department after we broke… a lever. As a Keyboard Warrior, your most valuable and powerful weapon is your keyboard for melee attacks. If your colleagues do not play along or get in your way – hit them with your keyboard or “shoot” emails at them! When you are low on health – the coffee stations serve as a checkpoint to take a coffee break and restore your health!

There are 7 departments for you to climb the corporate ladder, with each dominated by an annoying boss. Do not forget to stretch and flail your body around by jumping and dashing when challenging them. Impress them by trying to dethrone them to steal their jobs and they will reward you with lots of coins that you can spend at the company’s barista in the lobby for coffee bean upgrades. While the bosses and some enemies are tough and challenging to beat, the gameplay gets a little bland and cluttered after a while, with some stages being very linear. That said, if you are an expert at platformers, you can challenge yourself by playing the game in Hard or Impossible (unlocked after beating the game for the first time) as well. The game is littered with well executed jokes and puns, but the story does not shine as much and suffers from covering too many things. If you want to take the opportunity to improve your platform skills, and with the bonus of having a good laugh at workplace humor, The Company Man is the right game for you!

1) Enemies (your colleagues) can be easily skipped/ignored. You do not necessarily have to fire your colleagues all the time!
2) Repeat the past stages to get more coins!
3) Coffee breaks are your friend! So are the coffee beans!

– Multiple coffee station (checkpoints) in a stage
– No time limit for stages
– 7 levels to explore with great humor
– Easy to play (on normal mode)
– Nice graphics
– Controls are straightforward

– Short game. Able to finish the first run within 4 hours

Review score: 8/10

Thermometer 8

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