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#GameFreakLied Trending Worldwide On Twitter

#GameFreakLied Trending Worldwide On Twitter

Today we have some disappointing news about Pokemon Sword and Shield on Twitter.

A hashtag called #GameFreakLied has become one of the top trending hashtags in the world today. Trends24 is showing that the hashtag was the No. 6 trending hashtag worldwide 2 – 3 hours before this story was written:

At one point, the hashtag was the second trending hashtag in the United States.

The hashtag was started by angry Pokemon fans who believed that the Pokemon models in Pokemon Sword and Shield were reused, as Game Freak claimed they were not reusing the models from past Pokemon games on Nintendo 3DS.

These are the models dataminers have released to support those claims:

However it’s important to note that the number of triangles are different:

Bulbasaur: 5372 (Sun/Moon) | 5200 (Sword/Shield)

Clefairy: 4872 (Sun/Moon) | 4874 (Sword/Shield)

Noibat: 6156 (Sun/Moon) | 7142 (Sword/Shield)

Some tweets made with the hashtag include:

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