GameStop Says Forced Switch/SNES Classic Bundles Are “Convenient For Consumers”

GameStop Says Forced Switch/SNES Classic Bundles Are “Convenient For Consumers”

Due to the low supply of Nintendo Switches and SNES Classic Editions going around, retailers such as GameStop have been taking the opportunity to bundle these hot items together with things customers may not want to buy.

For instance, a standalone Nintendo Switch is usually out of stock at GameStop most of the time, but customers could opt for a bundle of the Switch with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and some Zelda related merchandise they have no intention of using or buying.

Some customers aren’t really pleased with these “forced bundle” tactics. However, GameStop defends it as saying it’s “convenient for consumers”.

We really try to do a great job of paring up items with things customers like to buy. In the case of the Switch, we know the customer is going to want a way to charge the Joycon (controllers), so we often throw in a charging device. We know the Switch has limited memory and customers like to download games, so we’ll add a memory stick. And then you need a game itself, because what good is a piece of hardware without a game to play with it? We make it more convenient. We put some items in the bundle from ThinkGeek.Com, retro items that would appeal to those buyers.

Customers have the opportunity to come into our stores and choose the accessories that they would like to bundle with their hardware, or buy online the pre determined bundles we have put together to help make the shopping experience more convenient. Customers also have the option of coming to into our GameStop stores to purchase non-bundled product.

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