GameTech Releasing Nintendo Switch Illustration Stylus Pen

GameTech Releasing Nintendo Switch Illustration Stylus Pen

Japanese accessory maker GameTech has revealed a new accessory called Illustration Pen for Nintendo Switch.

While it may look as a simple stylus at first glance, there’s a lot more to GameTech’s Illustration Pen. The pen was designed in mind for illustrators sketching artwork in Splatoon 2, so it comes with a transparent rubber disc attached to the tip of the pen for quick and comfortable drawing.

The tip of the pen can also be changed at any point of time, and there’s a rubber grip to let users comfortably hold the pen. Besides Nintendo Switch, the stylus is also compatible with smartphones. Keep in mind the stylus doesn’t work with Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, as those systems use resistive touch screens.

This pen may be the most useful thing when Art Academy releases on Nintendo Switch!

Import yours from Amazon Japan (ships worldwide, launches April 20, 2018).