Garden Paws Hopes To Be Kickstarted On The Switch

Garden Paws Hopes To Be Kickstarted On The Switch

Games are a great way to rest and relax, and Bitten Toast Games hopes to take this relaxing theme to a next level with Garden Paws. The multiplayer RPG simulation game, which is planned for Steam and Switch) have you play an animal as you go about doing stress free stuff like gardening, spelunking, even rebuilding a town, much like Animal Crossing.

Interested? You can check out their kickstarter page here.

Garden Paws is a passion project by Daniel Snd and Kristina Vandale. The project was born as the couple set out to make a game they would like to play together, pulling from the thousands of hours they spent playing games in this genre.After a month of development the game was sent out to a select group of 20 alpha testers and with the initial feedback they saw they were in the right track. Even with a small demo with a fraction of the planned features the testers were hooked and most played for over 10 hours in a single week.

With the desire to build a bigger community to gather feedback and help the game grow, the team started working towards releasing a Kickstarter campaign, which starts on August 9th.


Turn your small home and shop into a large farmland through upgrades and questing.
Grow seeds into beautiful flowers and vegetables to sell in your shop.
Raise and care for animals like chicks and chickens. With more animals to come!
Build up the nearby town adding a Museum, Blacksmith, Inn and more!
Overcome natural disasters with the help of the townsfolk!
Upgrade your tools and weapons.
Collect artifacts to sell or donate to the Museum for fame and rewards.
Explore caves and dungeons for unique loot!
Take a break and do some fishing!
Invite up to 3 friends to play with you in your farm!
Personalize your character with unique skins, accessories and more.

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