Gelly Break Launches Exclusively For Nintendo Switch On November 29

Gelly Break Launches Exclusively For Nintendo Switch On November 29

A tasty co-op platforming game will be swinging onto Nintendo Switch very soon!

Wild River and ByteRockers‘ Games have announced that Gelly Break will launch exclusively for Switch on November 29. The game relies heavily on cooperation – and players have to coordinate between using the green and orange Gellies to survive!

Check out the reveal trailer below!

Munich, Germany – 11.8.2018 – Gelly Break, the colorful co-op Jump’n’Run from EuroVideo’s publishing label Wild River and Berlin-based developer ByteRockers‘ Games releases on Nov. 29 2018, exclusively for Nintendo Switch for the price of £29.99


Gelly Break places equal emphasis on coordination and cooperation as platformer action.  Each player controls an orange or green Gelly and can only interact with platforms of the same color. Gellies also can’t fight off the enemies Evil Blob throws at them alone. To avoid becoming toast, Gellies help each other while coordinating movement and attacks, all while quickly change roles on the fly.


Clear communication, impeccable timing and flawless cooperation are keys to successfully completing levels. Each vibrant stage is filled with exciting challenges and hidden rewards. After completing a level, players are free to choose between amping up the difficulty or taking it down a notch with a simpler stage. Gelly Break offers near endless possibilities, vastly enhancing replayability.


Gelly Break is fun for players of all ages and in all situations – be it holiday time at home with the family or an evening party with friends. Feeling courageous? Try tackling Gelly Break in single player mode, controlling both Gellies at the same time, especially when fighting a Mini-boss.
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