Get Me Outta Here! Beaming Onto Switch In 2019

Get Me Outta Here! Beaming Onto Switch In 2019

Publisher QubicGames S.A. is bringing 2D retro-style shooter Get Me Outta Here! to Switch.

Originally released on the Apple App Store in 2017, Get Me Outta Here! is a game about a hapless farmer who was abducted by aliens and must now blast his way to freedom. This new Switch version of the game brands itself as a “Deluxe Remastered” edition, but it is not clear what new features it will have over the original.

Check out the trailer below, along with some additional press details:

QubicGames S.A., indie game publisher, has acquired a worldwide license to publish Get Me Outta Here exclusively on Nintendo Switch console later this year.
About Get Me Outta Here

Get ready to fight your way through an alien abduction nightmare in this retro arena shooter!

You play as a middle-aged farmer who wakes up to find that you have been abducted by aliens. Wearing only a hospital gown and a pair of boxers you manage to get a hold of one of the alien weapons. Can you last long enough for rescue to arrive while taking out as many enemies as you can build an insanely high score? Get Me Outta Here is a title action fans and retro enthusiasts will love!

Strategic action-packed gameplay
Epic story, driven by hilarious dialogue
Insanely fun combo system for building high scores
Outrageous bosses, including your own farm animals!
Variety of enemies, power-ups, and game modifiers
2 player co-op
Authentic retro gameplay and pixel art

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