Glitch In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Allows Players To Have Four Of The Same Character

Glitch In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Allows Players To Have Four Of The Same Character

One of the big selling points of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is building a team made out of different heroes from all across the Marvel Universe, but what if you just wanted to use only your favorite character and no-one else?

Thanks to a bug in the game, its actually possible to have all four members of your party be the exact same hero, although the process is a little tedious to pull off. One of the first times the bug was shared was on reddit shortly after the game’s release. A user named PinkestCatgirl managed to get their team to contain four Spider-Men by messing around with his Solo Infinity Trial:

I had this happen by failing spider-man’s rift(which replaces your first character with spider-man and makes you solo) when he was already one of my other party members so it kept my first character as spider-man while having a second spider-man, so I just kept repeating until I had a spider party.

When the first gets replaced, you have to swap it out for one of the ones already in your party. So like if you got spider-man 1, hulk, iron man, spider-man 2, swap spider-man 1 out for hulk and repeat.

Interestingly, not only does this bug allow you to have four of the same character on the team, it also increases the experience the character gains by up to 4 times depending on how many of them you have. That said, since the bug only occurs through Solo Infinity Trials, only characters who have Solo Infinity Trials (e.g. Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk) can be duplicated in this way.

The method of reproducing the bug, as well as video of it in action have also surfaced on Youtube. You can find a few below, courtesy of Xiphos Gaming and EclipsXe:

Since this bug actually does affect gameplay quite significantly, its probably only a matter of time before it gets patched out. For the time being however, fans can enjoy running a crew made out entirely of their most favorite Marvel Hero…provided they have a Solo Infinity Trial of course.

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