Golden Pikachu Merchandise Announced Exclusively For Pokemon Center Osaka DX

Golden Pikachu Merchandise Announced Exclusively For Pokemon Center Osaka DX

Today we have some exciting merchandise news to share with you about Pokemon Center Osaka DX, which is opening on September 20, 2019.

Besides offering commemorative merchandise, The Pokemon Company has teamed up with four businesses headquartered in Osaka to supply Pokemon Center Osaka DX with unique products. These are the companies that have partnered with Pokemon Center Osaka DX for this project:

Billiken Company (founded in 1911)

Pine (founded in 1948)

Teranishi Chemical Industry (founded in 1916)

Osaka Towel Industry Association (founded in 1887)

All four companies have offered their very own exclusive products for Pokemon Center Osaka DX, but the most notable comes from the team up with Biliken Company. Golden Pikachu merchandise from this partnership will be available exclusively at Pokemon Center Osaka DX and Pokemon Center Osaka.

For example, this K24 Pikachu made of gold which costs 400,000 yen (almost USD4000!)

Golden Pikachu plushies are available too:

Pokemon Center Osaka DX business collaboration merchandise launches September 20, 2019 at select locations. Check out the prices, product list, and gallery below:

<Available at all Pokemon Center locations in Japan>

Pokemon Pine Candy 230 yen

<Exclusive to Pokemon Center Osaka DX>

K24 Billiken-San Pikachu 400,000 yen

※This product is made-to-order

<Exclusive to Pokemon Center Osaka DX and Pokemon Center Osaka>

Plush Billiken-San Pikachu 2,000 yen

Mascot Billiken-San Pikachu 1,400 yen

Pokemon TCG Flip Deck Case Billiken-San Pikachu 2,000 yen

Pokemon TCG Deck Shield Billiken-San Pikachu 720 yen

Multi Smartphone Cover Billiken-San Pikachu 3,000 yen

Soft Jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Billiken-San Pikachu 1,880 yen

Magic Ink Set for Pokemon Center Osaka Exclusive 2,000 yen

Quanzhou Towel 3 Set with Wooden Box Pikachu Osaka Exclusive 3,300 yen

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax