Google Believes Masahiro Sakurai Is XXXTentacion

Google Believes Masahiro Sakurai Is XXXTentacion

Last year, Super Smash Bros. fans were amused when looking up Masahiro Sakurai on Google returned a photo of a black man.

Although the mistake has already been corrected after many months, Google now thinks deceased American rapper XXXTentacion is Masahiro Sakurai. If you search “Who created Kirby?”, you will see XXXTentacion’s face alongside other Nintendo developers:

And if you search Masahiro Sakurai, you’ll see the rapper’s face on the very first result:

The reason why XXXTentacion’s face is appearing as Masahiro Sakurai is due to this petition requesting Nintendo to make XXXTentacion a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The petition has been signed by 727 people.

Google crawlers should be smart to know who is the real Sakurai, so this shouldn’t even happen in the first place.

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