Guide: How To Earn Zenny/Money Quickly In Monster Hunter Rise

Guide: How To Earn Zenny/Money Quickly In Monster Hunter Rise

Aside from monster materials, Zenny (money) is an important resource for hunters in Monster Hunter Rise, required for everything from forging weapons/armor, shopping for items, and buying dango.

Out of all the things Zenny is used for in Monster Hunter Rise, forging weapons and armor is perhaps the most expensive, with higher ranked weapons costing well into the 10000s to create. Luckily, the community has come up with a number of strategies to earn money more efficiently in the game, a few of which you can find below:

General Tips

  • Complete Quests Alone: When playing with others, the rewards for the quest are equally split among all the players present (e.g. a 10,000 reward would be split to 2,500 each with 4 players). Playing alone means you will get the full reward amount for the quest.
  • Dango Money Maker: When the “Wealthy Man” daily special is active at the canteen, players can access a special type of Dango that boosts the amount of Zenny earned by 30%. Those looking to earn more Zenny should try to get this bonus before heading out on a farming run.
  • Find the Fortune Owl: The Fortune Owl is a type of “Lucky Life” that doubles the amount of money earned at the end of a quest. When the “Lucky Life” indicator appears during the hunt, be sure to search the area thoroughly and interact with the owl if you find it.

Best Quests For Zenny

  • Lava Caverns Expedition (Mining Upsurge): During a Mining Upsurge, mining outcrops will yield three times as much ore than normal, which players can then sell for a large amount of Zenny. The Lava Caverns has the most amount of mining outcrops out of all the maps, meaning that players can fully exploit this strategy by going on the Lava Caverns Expedition quest if they see that a mining upsurge is occurring. For a more in-depth explanation for this strategy, check out Youtuber Gaijin Hunter‘s video on the topic below:

  • Third Wheel Village Quest: For players who are looking for a slightly more engaging method of farming, they can opt to use the 4* Village Quest Third Wheel. The quest puts players against an Arzuros and a Tetranadon in the arena. It can be cleared relatively quickly for well-equipped players, and can net over 8000+ Zenny after selling the materials.

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