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Guide: How To Evolve All The New Galar Pokemon In Pokemon Sword/Shield

Guide: How To Evolve All The New Galar Pokemon In Pokemon Sword/Shield

Along with a slew of brand new Pokemon and regional variants, Pokemon Sword And Shield also introduce some pretty weird new methods for evolving them.

Since some of these evolution methods may be extremely cryptic for new players, we have created a guide detailing how to evolve each newly introduced Pokemon family in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

This also includes Galarian regional variants, many of which have different evolution methods from their original counterparts. Levels, items, and specific instructions are listed accordingly.

New Pokemon

  • Grookey Line
    • Evolves into Thwackey at Level 16, then Rillaboom at Level 35.
  • Scorbunny Line
    • Evolves into Raboot at Level 16, then Cinderace at Level 35.
  • Sobble Line
    • Evolves into Drizzile at Level 16, then Inteleon at Level 35.
  • Skwovet Line
    • Evolves into Greedent at Level 24.
  • Rookidee Line
    • Evolves into Corvisquire at Level 18, then Corviknight at Level 38.
  • Blipbug Line
    • Evolves into Dottler at Level 10, then Orbeetle at Level 30.
  • Nickit Line
    • Evolves into Theivul at Level 18.
  • Gossifleur Line
    • Evolves into Eldegoss at Level 20.
  • Wooloo Line
    • Evolves into Dubwool at Level 24.
  • Chewtle Line
    • Evolves into Drednaw at Level 22.
  • Yamper Line
    • Evolves into Boltund at Level 25
  • Rolycoly Line
    • Evolves into Carkol at Level 18, then Coalossal at Level 34.
  • Applin Line
    • Evolves into Flapple when given the Tart Apple Item, which is only found in Sword.
    • Evolves into Appletun when given the Sweet Apple Item, which is only found in Shield.
  • Silicobra Line
    •  Evolves into Sandaconda at Level 36.
  • Arrokuda Line
    • Evolves into Barraskewda at Level 26
  • Toxel Line
    •  Evolves into Amped Form Toxtricity at Level 30 if it has the following natures:
      • Adamant, Brave, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Naive, Naughty, Rash, Quirky, Sassy
    • Evolves into Low Key Form Toxtricity at Level 30 if it has the following natures:
      • Bashful, Bold, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Quiet, Relaxed, Serious, Timid
  • Sizzlipede Line
    • Evolves into Centiskorch at Level 28
  • Clobbopus Line
    • Evolves into Grapploct if knows Taunt when levelling up.
  • Sinistea Line
    • Sinistea requires a different item to evolve depending on if its a common “Forgery” type or a rare “Authentic” type.
      • This can be determined by an authenticity stamp on its underside.
    • Evolves into Polteageist if given a Cracked Pot (if Forgery).
      • A Free Cracked Pot can be found by climbing a ladder in Stow-On-Side.
    • Evolves into Poltegeist if given a Chipped Pot (if Authentic).
    • Teapots can be purchased from a vendor in Stow-On-Side at random.
  • Hatenna Line
    • Evolves into Hattrem at Level 32, then Hatterene at Level 42
  • Impidimp Line
    • Evolves into Morgrem at Level 32, then Grimmsnarl at Level 42
  • Milcery Line
    • Milcery evolves into Alcremie through the steps below:
      • Give Milcery one of seven different Sweet items to hold (can be obtained by battling in cafes).
      • Spin the control stick on the spot in any direction until your character starts twirling.
    • Depending on the sweet held, the direction turned, time of day and length of time spent spinning, one of over 60 different colors of Alcremie can be obtained. Color guide can be found here.
  • Snom Line
    • Evolves into Frosmoth with high Friendship, and level up at Night.
    • Friendship can be raised through feeding berries, playing in camp, or eating curry.
  • Cufant Line
    • Evolves into Copperajah at Level 34.
  • Dreepy Line
    • Evolves into Drakloak at Level 50, then Dragapult at Level 60.

Galarian Form Pokemon Locations

  • Meowth Line
    • Evolves into Purrserker at Level 28.
  • Ponyta Line
    • Evolves into Rapidash (Galarian) at Level 40.
  • Farfetch’d Line
    • Evolves into Sirfetch’d after landing 3 critical hits in one battle.
  • Koffing Line
    • Evolves into Weezing (Galarian) at Level 35.
  • Mr.Mime Line
    • Evolves into Mr.Rime at Level 42.
  • Corsola Line
    • Evolves into Cursola at Level 38.
  • Zizagoon Line
    • Evolves into at Level 20 Linoone, then Obstagoon at Level 35 at night.
  • Darumaka Line
    • Evolves into Darmanitan (Galarian) by using an Ice Stone.
  • Yamask Line
    • Evolves into Runegrigus when the following conditions are met:
      • Must have suffered more than 49 points of damage in one hit.
      • Walk under the Stone Arch located in the Dusty Bowl Wild Area.

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