Guide: How To Evolve Eevee X Tamagotchi

Guide: How To Evolve Eevee X Tamagotchi

In Eevee X Tamagotchi, depending on how you raise Eevee, Eevee will evolve into a Pokemon in three days.

In this guide, we will show you how to evolve Eevee into the Eeveelution you want. If you just started playing Eevee X Tamagotchi, be sure to check out our basic instructions and English translation guide first.

List of Evolutions

Before we begin, here are all eleven evolutions (including the three secret ones):

  • Flareon (Fire-type)
  • Jolteon (Electric-type)
  • Vaporeon (Water-type)
  • Espeon (Psychic-type)
  • Umbreon (Dark-type)
  • Leafeon (Grass-type)
  • Glaceon (Ice-type)
  • Sylveon (Fairy-type)
  • Pop Star Eevee (Eevee wearing idol costume)
  • Team Rocket Eevee (Eevee wearing Team Rocket costume)
  • Ditto Eevee (A Ditto transformed into Eevee)

Evolving Eevee to Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, or Glaceon

Evolving Eevee into any of the members of the Eeveelution family (with the exception of Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon) is the easiest in Eevee X Tamagotchi. In the Kinomi Get mini game where you have to catch Kinomi, instead of catching the Kinomi you grab the Evolution Stone (the obstacle) of your choice. See the picture above for the corresponding Evolution Stone. The last Evolution Stone received becomes Eevee’s evolution in three days.

Evolving Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon

Evolving Eevee into Umbreon requires you to start your game (hatch Eevee) at night (latest Eevee sleeps is 8pm), while evolving into Espeon requires you to start the game (hatch Eevee) in the wee hours of the morning (earliest Eevee wakes up is 7am). There are reports Umbreon only evolves at night. Keep in mind there’s still not much information on this subject so you will have to try it out yourself.

Thanks to Jack and Laura for the heads up.

Evolving Eevee into Sylveon

Evolving Eevee into Sylveon, the Fairy-type Pokemon, is the hardest to perform. This is because you need to achieve Perfect Care for Eevee when it’s awake for two to three days. To achieve Perfect Care, you must ensure Eevee is happy all the time by feeding it Poke Food (meal) and snacks as well as playing with it. The moment Eevee cries for your attention (whether it’s hungry or wants to play with you), you break the Perfect Care chain. If Eevee sheds fur and it cries for your attention, make sure you clean it up within a few minutes or the chain is broken.

Evolving Eevee into Pop Star Eevee

Getting Pop Star Eevee is very simple – simply keep playing the Dancing Game (meaning you don’t play Kinomi Get) and aim for a perfect score every time you play it.

Evolving Eevee into Team Rocket Eevee

Evolve Eevee into Team Rocket Eevee by simply leaving the lights on every time Eevee goes to sleep.

Evolving Eevee into Ditto Eevee

To evolve Eevee into Ditto Eevee, you have to achieve Bad Care for Eevee when it’s awake for two to three days. Do this by missing Eevee’s cries whenever it’s hungry or wants to play with you. Of course, make sure it’s fed with Poke Food (meal) at least once or twice a day or else it will return to its Poke Ball (death). Don’t give it any snacks and don’t play any games.

And that comes to the end of our guide! If you’re interested in reading more Eevee X Tamagotchi guides, visit our guide page here.

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