Guide: How To Find Spiritomb In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

Guide: How To Find Spiritomb In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

Back in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Forbidden Pokemon Spiritomb was one of the more difficult monsters to capture due to the cryptic special requirements needed to encounter it.

Being faithful remakes of the originals, the cryptic method of encountering Spiritomb returns in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, albeit with some slight adjustments. You can find a short guide for the process below:

Odd Keystone and Hallowed Tower

  • To begin the process of encountering Spiritomb, players must first bring an Odd Keystone item to the a place called the Hallowed Tower at the bottom right of Route 209 (east of Hearthome City)
  • Odd Keystones can be found randomly by digging in the Grand Underground, but two can also be found in the overworld at the following locations:
    • Route 208 from a Black Belt near a Honey Tree
    • Twinleaf Town on an island accessed via Surf

Unlocking Spritomb

  • After placing an Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower, players must go into the Grand Underground and speak to trainers inside 32 times.
    • In the original games, the trainers had to be real players who were also exploring the underground. This could be 32 separate players, the same player multiple time, or a combination of both. Players may need to enter and leave the underground between interactions in order for them to count. NPC trainers did not count in the original games.
    • In the Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, there have been multiple reports that NPCs now count towards the 32 trainers needed to unlock Spiritomb, with some claiming that this replaces the original method above. NPCs appear randomly throughout the Grand Underground when playing offline, online, and in local play.
  • After speaking to 32 trainers in the Grand Underground, players can then return to the Hallowed Tower, where speaking to it will trigger an encounter with Spiritomb.
  • Players can encounter multiple Spiritomb by repeating the entire process with a new Odd Keystone and another round of 32 trainers in the Grand Underground.

Since the method of encountering is quite tedious, players may wish to save prior to encountering their first Spiritomb and reload the game if the caught Pokemon is not ideal, or breed the Spiritomb at Solaceon Town’s Nursery to get more.

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