Guide: How To Unlock Brewster And The Roost In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: How To Unlock Brewster And The Roost In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now live, bringing with it The Roost, the beloved Cafe from past games in the series, along with its owner Brewster.

Much like many other features of the island, Brewster and The Roost will only move in after a number of conditions are met. Below you will find a short guide for how to unlock Brewster, as well as a summary of some of the services The Roost offers once it arrives.

Unlock Requirements

  • Players can only begin the process of unlocking The Roost when they have met the following conditions:
    • Have a 3* Island and unlocked K.K. Slider visits.
    • Upgraded the Museum up to the Art Exhibit.
    • Have donated at least one Fossil, Fish, Bug, and Art Piece.
    • Be the main owner of the island (not a secondary player on the same Swithc).
    • Have no visitors on your island.
  • Once the above conditions are met, players can talk to Blathers about adding a Cafe to the museum when he has a though bubble above his head. Note that this dialogue will not trigger on International Museum Day.
  • After speaking to Blathers, he will tell the player to search for Brewster and give the player Brewster’s Photo.

Finding Brewster and Building The Roost

  • In order to find Brewster, players will need to take a Mystery Island Tour with Kapp’n at the island’s dock. This tour will cost players 1,000 Nook Miles for a round trip.
    • Note that Kapp’n only conducts one Mystery Island Tour per day, so be sure to talk to Blathers about Brewster first before taking the tour!
  • If the player has spoken to Blathers about Brewster, the pigeon will appear on the Mystery Island the player visits. Speak with Brewster, and he will give the player a Gyroid fragment.
    • The Gyroid fragment can be planted on the player’s island to grow Gyroids, more fragments may be found on Brewster’s island as well.
  • After speaking to Brewster, return back home and speak with Blathers at the museum, he will then start making arrangements to have The Roost built on the second floor of the museum.
  • The Museum will then be closed for renovations the next day as The Roost is being built, and will be open for business the day after that. This means that The Roost will take a total of two days to become available after finding Brewster.

The Roost Features

  • Drinking Coffee
    • Players can visit The Roost to have a cup of coffee for 200 bells, other island villagers and characters may stop by as well.
    • Players can also invite other players to their island to have coffee.
  • Amiibo
    • Players can have their favorite Villagers and Special Characters come to The Roost by scanning amiibo with The Roost’s phone. Special Characters who otherwise do not appear at all in the game (e.g. Blanca) can also visit The Roost with this feature.
  • Takeout Coffee
    • After ordering coffee every day for three days, Brewster will offer Takeout Coffee services, which will allow players to get a cup of coffee on the go for 300 bells.
    • Takeout Coffee can be drunk by players outside of The Roost for 3 units of energy/”food”, or given to villagers as a gift.
  • Roost Sable Cookie Recipe
    • After visiting The Roost and order coffee for six days, Brewster will give players a recipe for the Roost Sable Cookie.

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