HAL Laboratory Visits China Joy 2018

HAL Laboratory Visits China Joy 2018

HAL Laboratory, a subsidiary of Nintendo and the company which spawned Kirby and Super Smash Bros., paid a visit to China Joy 2018.

In case you missed it, China Joy 2018 is the largest video game exhibition that took place in Shanghai just a few weeks ago. Many companies were present at the show, but Nintendo did not have a booth set up (Nvidia was kind of representing them instead).

So what was HAL Laboratory doing at China Joy? The company’s representatives took a look at the bustling eSports scene and console games that were present there. Unfortunately, they did not mention a single word on Nvidia’s Nintendo efforts. HAL Laboratory did not have a China Joy booth whatsoever.

The staff at HAL also recounted the problems they had communicating with others at the show, as many people asked them questions in Chinese and English, two languages which they do not understand. Thankfully, other Japanese people and people they knew at the show helped interpret these questions for both HAL and the people asking.