Hazelnut Bastille Teased For Nintendo Switch

Hazelnut Bastille Teased For Nintendo Switch

Dying for beautiful 16-bit action in the modern era? Aloft Studios may be able to help with that.

The indie developer just recently unveiled that their Zelda-like Hazelnut Bastille is now in development for Nintendo Switch. From a first glance, it emulates the amazing sprite-work of classics like Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun.

While the developer only mentioned a tentative ‘mid 2020’ release window, you can try a demo build for PC here.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

Hazelnut Bastille, for PC, Mac, and Linux, and now Nintendo Switch, is a lush, topdown Zelda-like Metroidvania in a 16bit JRPG style, which seeks to continue the great lineage of superior design from the mid 90’s. Hazelnut has been in development since April 2016, and we will continue bring updates and content to our homepage and Twitter as things continue to progress!


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