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Headsnatchers Heading To Nintendo Switch

Headsnatchers Heading To Nintendo Switch

Iceberg Interactive and Iguanabee have announced Headsnatchers, an online and local multiplayer game for Nintendo Switch.

Headsnatchers is scheduled to launch digitally in November 2019 in the west.

Watch the trailer and check out the details:

Ah, November?. Leaves fall, temperature drops, parties move indoors. A perfect opportunity to gather your friends around the couch for a cozy night of silly fun with Headsnatchers, coming to Nintendo Switch™, November 2019.
DISCLAIMER: Friendships may be forever ruined.
Grab your bat, smack a friend’s head and flush it down the toilet!

With up-to 4 players joining the fun locally or online, Headsnatchers lives up to its name: Snatch your opponent’s head off their shoulders and become the king of the party in 4 game modes and 25 unique levels to choose from.

Feeling introverted on a cold November day?
Try beating the Zombie Castle in single-player mode, which turns the mayhem into a spooky platformer! It sure is tricky to become the head-master of the undead.

You can choose from 100+ heads, all equally loony and random OR you can create your own mad-hat with the ‘Headitor’, the custom head creator.
Pretty a-head of its time, right?!