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Here's A Deeper Look Into Pokemon GO's PokeStop Nomination Process | NintendoSoup
Here’s A Deeper Look Into Pokemon GO’s PokeStop Nomination Process

Here’s A Deeper Look Into Pokemon GO’s PokeStop Nomination Process

Yesterday, Niantic and The Pokemon Company launched a beta version of PokeStop Nominations, allowing Level 40 trainers living in South Korea and Brazil to nominate PokeStops.

Thanks to screenshots from various trainers living in Brazil, we now know how it actually works. First, each trainer eligible for PokeStop Nominations are allowed to nominate up to 7 PokeStops a week. They’re required to submit a name, description, and photo of the location they’re nominating to become a PokeStop.

Nominated PokeStops will be reviewed by other Niantic players – in other words, players not only in Pokemon GO but Ingress as well. The location becomes a PokeStop once it passes the review.

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Also, not every location is permitted to become a PokeStop. While Niantic recommends unique players that are open to the public, locations that are forbidden include private property, residential buildings, adult-oriented locations, burial grounds or places near them, copyrighted locations, and temporary locations.

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