Here’s Another Preview For Marble It Up! On Nintendo Switch

Here’s Another Preview For Marble It Up! On Nintendo Switch

Bad Habit Productions has offered a new sneak peek at Marble It Up!, their spiritual successor to the old Marble Madness games.

The preview shows off a new level in the game – which you can experience for yourself when it releases September 29 for $19.99, on Nintendo Switch.

Check it out below.

Marble It Up! comes to Nintendo Switch on September 29th, 2018!

A spiritual successor in the baller genre that includes the Marble Madness and Marble Blast series, Marble It Up! is a high-speed puzzle platformer that harnesses the subtle thrill of racing the clock and embraces the pure joy of rolling.

In Marble It Up!, players jump, bounce, boost, roll and master marble physics through 40 breathtaking levels of moving platforms, icy terrain, gravity-bending surfaces and kinetic platforming puzzles. Players use power-ups to slow time, launch into the air, and float to the finish line as quickly as possible as they explore gloriously colorful, brilliant worlds filled with secret collectibles, unlockable marbles, and more!

Marble It Up! will be available in the NA region at $19.99


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