Here’s What You Can Do With Your Girlfriend In Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura

Here’s What You Can Do With Your Girlfriend In Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura

Marvelous Games has released a couple of new details on Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, which is launching on the Japanese Switch eShop before 2017 ends.

Head over below to find out more details on the game’s Reflexology, Costumes, and Mini Reflexology, as well as some new screenshots.

■ Reflexology

A story of you and her, beginning from skinship (physical intimacy).

◆ Heal Her Body and Heart: Prime Reflexology

Standard Reflexology: Hand

By touching your hands with hers, the story begins to move. Try to feel her rising pulsation through her hands.

—Gradually, you will be invited into the innermost depths of her heart.

Standard Reflexology: Body

The girl before you projects one side of her. And she seeks your “healing.”

—Try to heal her through touching, rubbing, and skinship. You can see various reactions depending on where and how you touch her.

—Which side of herself she reveals changes based on the places you touch her hand.

◆ Fabulous Reflexology

As you do more and more skinship, her mood will gradually increase. By increasing her mood, you can use the prime healing that is “Fabulous Reflexology.”

Royal Course (Hand Massage)

Try to lead her to high-class healing by lightly use your hands to stimulate her thighs.

Luxury Course (Roller Massage)

Try to lead her to luxurious healing through the pleasant touch of a roller.

Fantastic Course (Brush Massage)

Try inviting her to the fantasy zone by stimulation through careful brush strokes.

Ultimate Course (Electric Massage)

Try to bring about ultimate healing through the pleasure produced by everlasting vibration.

■ Costumes

You can change her hairdo, costume, underwear, and accessories. Coordinate her appearance to your liking.

■ Mini Reflexology

If you’re changing her costume, you can do some carefree skinship in the classroom, just you and her. Rub, touch, stroke, spray water… enjoy your time with her to your heart’s content.