Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Pikachu Pokemon with You Train in Japan

Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Pikachu Pokemon with You Train in Japan

This year, the Pokemon with You JR Trains have been given a Pikachu makeover. Passengers will be able to board the new Pikachu train beginning July 15, 2017, but thanks to みや山-san, we now have a couple of photos to share from the interior of the train.

The Pokemon with You Pikachu train passes through JR stations of disaster struck areas in Japan to bring joy and encouragement to the people living in those places. Besides trains, the Pokemon with You program sells merchandise and organizes events to raise funds for disaster relief operations.

This is the entrance/exit area of the Pikachu train. As you can see, Pikachu is literally everywhere on the wall, welcoming visitors aboard the Pikachu train.

Now a look at the seating area of the Pikachu train. Everything from the seats to curtains has been decked in a brown and yellow Pikachu color scheme. PokeBall decorations can be found at the side of every seat too. Can you spot the various Pikachu hanging out across the walls?

There’s a special carriage which features a spacious open area for kids and parents to play in. A large size Pikachu plush can be found sitting together with numerous other small Pikachu plushies.

Right in front of the sofa area is a giant Pikachu lying down on the floor which kids can play with. There’s also an “engine room area” and “train master’s seat” for kids to play in.

If you’re wondering how the exterior looks like, it’s also filled with tons of Pikachu. The train is quite short, as there are only two carriages in total.

The Pikachu train will operate throughout the rest of 2017, but it only does so for a couple of days in a week. For more information on the Pokemon with You Pikachu train’s timetable and stations it will pass, please visit the official website here.