Hidden Object Game “Under Leaves” Announced For Nintendo Switch

Hidden Object Game “Under Leaves” Announced For Nintendo Switch

Looking for a chill experience to decompress with? This upcoming title from RedDeer Games might be right up your alley!

The developer recently announced that its hidden object game Under Leaves will be heading to Nintendo Switch in the future. The title will see players seeking out all kinds of animals and hidden secrets beneath the cover of relaxing, hand-painted landscapes!

Here’s the announcement trailer below, along with a brief synopsis:

Relax, looking for hidden objects in a gorgeous, hand-painted scenery. Under Leaves will take you on a journey around the world where you’ll discover charming animals and beautiful landscapes.

The best way to rest
Relaxing music, amazing scenery, peaceful gameplay—all this will make you slow down. Let your thoughts flow freely as you collect items for your next animal.

Beautiful graphics
Hand-painted backgrounds delight with their detail and colors. Practically every frame looks literally like a picture ready to hang on the wall.

Visit the entire world
On your journey you’ll find yourself in the land of ice, stop in the sultry jungle or dive under the water. 9 locations scattered around the world are waiting for you.

Meet its animal inhabitants
All nature lovers will be charmed by 29 animated animals from all over the world. A polar bear, a big-eyed owl, a turtle or a parrot—they need a bit of your help.

Available for everyone
Controls are very simple, and there is no text in the game—only numbers—so everyone can enjoy it. Relax today with a journey around the world in the company of charming animals.

Key features:

  • relaxing gameplay and audio
  • gorgeous hand-drawn watercolor visuals
  • 9 different locations over the world
  • 29 animated animals to discover
  • for everyone