History 2048 Heads To Nintendo Switch On March 1

History 2048 Heads To Nintendo Switch On March 1

The wildly popular 2048 logic game is heading to Nintendo Switch in a unique, new way.

Run-Down Games’ History 2048 will be hitting the Switch eShop on 1 March 2018, for $4.99 USD. Oversee the evolution of mankind in the form of 2048-styled puzzles, as they progress from wild hunters to kings of the world! Fail to combine the tiles efficiently, and humanity will come to an early and unfortunate standstill.

Check out an earlier trailer below.

History 2048 is a familiar logic game, with beautiful graphics.

Travel trough the evolution of mankind, meet with famous kings, warlords and adventurer.

A new and reimagined reboot of the well known 2048 game.

Pair the similar panels and step to a new era.

Wander through time and get all the extras.

A fun a refreshing way to spend your time.