Homebrew Is Now Up And Running On Nintendo Switch

Homebrew Is Now Up And Running On Nintendo Switch

The inevitable has happened – homebrew is now possible on Nintendo Switch. The Switch has been cracked open in less than a year.

Pegaswitch, an exploit tool for the Switch, is now able to run code on usermode on firmware version 3.0.0. In other words, custom homebrew games and apps can now be run on the Nintendo Switch as long as your Switch is on version 3.0.0.

If you have still not updated your Switch for some reason yet, one way of updating to Version 3.0.0 is by purchasing a physical copy of Pokken Tournament DX, which forces the Switch to update to that firmware. Any system that is Version 3.0.1 and above is out of luck and will probably have to wait until the next big exploit arrives.

Since Pegaswitch has just been released, there aren’t any homebrew programs available for the Switch yet. Perhaps we will start seeing the first in a week or two.