Pokemon Center’s Ultra Alola Adventure Merchandise Now Available For Pre-Order

Pokemon Center’s Ultra Alola Adventure Merchandise Now Available For Pre-Order

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Pokemon Center has released a new merchandise collection called the “Ultra Alola Adventure”.

The merchandise are now available for purchase on Amazon Japan (purchase links provided below). Check out our guide first if you are new to shopping on Amazon Japan.

First up, we have the Ultra Alola Adventure themed tote bag.

Pre-order here.

T-shirts featuring the words are also available in 130, S, M, and L sizes.

Pre-order the T-shirt.

Make your very own acrylic stand featuring the main cast of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

Pre-order the acrylic stands

This A5 notebook is perfect for keeping record of your adventures in Alola.

Pre-order here

Here’s a mug featuring the Ultra Alola Adventure artwork.

Pre-order the mug

Love stickers? You’ll love this large sheet of Ultra Alola Adventure stickers.

Pre-order the sticker sheet

If you’re a Pokemon TCG player, this Ultra Alola Adventure TCG kit comes with a deck case and deck shields for your cards.

Pre-order here

The bag that the male protagonist has been recreated in real life!

Pre-order here

The female protagonist’s sling bag too!

Pre-order here

A new type of Pikachu T-shirt and cap are out too!

Pre-order the cap

There are two types of T-shirts – one with the female Pikachu tail (left) and the other with the male Pikachu tail (right).

Pre-order the male Pikachu T-shirt / female Pikachu T-shirt

And that’s about it! There are also a couple of official Pokemon Center products (keychains, lunch boxes, etc) that are releasing at the same time which you can check out here.

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