How Japan Reacted To The Pokemon Center Singapore Announcement

How Japan Reacted To The Pokemon Center Singapore Announcement

Last week, The Pokemon Company announced the world’s first and only Pokemon Center outside Japan would open in Singapore.

Although this is a new Pokemon Center that isn’t opening in Japan, there was a lot of excitement generated among diehard fans living in Japan. And of course, not everyone is happy about it.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Pokemon Center Singapore (is) good.”

“Hmm, the first Pokemon Center overseas other than (the now defunct) Pokemon Center New York. But why did they choose Singapore over America?”

“So there’s gonna be a Pokemon Center in Singapore. I wonder whether there would be a (Pokemon) distribution..”

“There are always shortages at the Japanese Pokemon Centers. Should I go to Pokemon Center Singapore after it opens..? (laughs)”

“Why aren’t they opening the next Pokemon Center in Kanazawa instead?”

And here are more comments:

“Japan has ended.”

“They should open a Pokemon Center/Store in every (Japanese) prefecture first”


“Speaking of Singapore, it’s crazy rich.”

“They’re foreshadowing Generation 8 taking place (in Singapore)”

“Congratulations Celebi!! It’s a brilliant achievement to make it overseas!!!”

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