Morphies Law Version 1.0.3 On The Way

Morphies Law Version 1.0.3 On The Way

Multiplayer shooter Morphies Law will soon receive a pretty decent overhaul.

Nintendo is now reviewing patch 1.0.3 for the game. The update will include a huge array of fixes, plus the addition of some much-needed gameplay changes.

Check out the prospective change-log below:

  • Friends will now play in the same team in public games.
  • Added an HP buff to teams that have less players than the opposite team.
  • Added XP and Nuts bonus system – we can now run bonus XP and/or Nuts timed events.
  • Reduced the duration of the voting phase in public lobbies.
  • HUD indicators will now change size with distance to reduce screen clutter.
  • Patch notes will now be shown in-game on first launch after an update.
  • Fixed aim helper to avoid that it gravitates towards a specific body part.
  • Improved hit impact feedback.
  • Improved stuck detection for bots.
  • Improved bot behavior in Tanker Town.
  • Disabled the ability to leave public lobbies.
  • Added Avatar stun cooldown in Mass Heist to avoid sound/animation spam.
  • Re-enabled the “enter code” functionality.
  • Fixed suckpipes while carrying the head in Head Hunt – they cannot be used now while carrying the head.
  • Fixed exploit to increase movement speed while carrying the head in Head Hunt.
  • Added new bot names.
  • Fixed “Share the Pain” revolver staying active under certain conditions.
  • Fixed softlock when using suckpipes under certain conditions.
  • Fixed dialogs disappearing immediately when keeping buttons pressed.
  • Fixed Avatar sometimes being hidden at the end of the round.
  • Fixed head target indicator sometimes being shown in other game modes.
  • Fixed foam/shield not disappearing during the end game standoff.
  • Fixed gyroscope making the camera look up on match start.
  • Fixed wireframe sometimes appearing around Avatar head in Head Hunt mode.

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