How Pokemon TCG Cards And Packaging Are Designed

How Pokemon TCG Cards And Packaging Are Designed

Japanese website CGWorld has written an very interesting article showing how Pokemon TCG artwork are designed for cards and packaging.

First up is a look at how Shiftry GX is made. The first step is to open up a 3D model of Shiftry in a 3D graphics application called Maya to adjust Shiftry’s pose. You can see how the wireframe and Shiftry’s skeleton looks like below.

The next important steps are creating a background image, placing Shiftry into the artwork, adding effects, and doing a bit of touch up.

Here’s the final product:

A similar process is followed when it comes to designing packaging for Pokemon TCG products. For instance here’s Dusk Form Lycanroc, featured on Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon: Forbidden Light.

First, here’s a look at a draft of the artwork, which was never used in the final packaging as it wasn’t “fierce enough”.

Now a look at how the final artwork was made. First, adjusting Dusk Form Lycanroc’s pose.

Next – creating a much “fiercer” background and stunning effects.

Here’s the final product:

Can you spot the differences between the draft and final artwork?