I Dream Of You And Ice Cream Launches For Switch On June 17, 2020

I Dream Of You And Ice Cream Launches For Switch On June 17, 2020

Need to inject some surreal terror back into your gaming time? Go face to face with an uneasy alien threat in this upcoming title!

Manolidis Aimilios Nikolaos’ indie game I dream of you and ice cream will be hitting the Switch eShop on 17 June 2020, for $4.99 USD. The point-and-click adventure sees players on an Earth ruled by a sinister, doll-like entity – and helping one scientist build a mysterious machine without it noticing…

Check out the official Switch trailer below, along with a quick synopsis:

A sinister creature has enslaved mankind. Solve puzzles, gather components for a machine you are building, find comfort in your dreams.

I dream of you and ice cream is a game about imperialism, the loss of identity and personal sacrifice.

A sinister, doll-like entity has enslaved all mankind. Inside the complex where, every day, the entity questions world leaders about aspects of humanity – a potentially lethal process – an old scientist of unspecified gender is building a machine.

Clinging to a few precious memories, with each passing day the scientist gathers components and toils on their obscure project, as the clock ticks relentlessly towards a horrifying climax.

I dream of you and ice cream is a point-and-click adventure game with a very simple interface and an emphasis on puzzle solving. For every two puzzles solved, players are rewarded with a partial solution which can be used in another puzzle.

There are no spoken lines or written dialogue in the game: Everything is communicated through speech bubbles, symbols and emotions.